Ass To Mouth – A slang term

Ass to Mouth is probably the most popular term for oral sex that you’ll hear. Adult movies and books talk about it. Although I’m pretty sure the common meaning varies slightly depending on context. I am not exactly sure what the main idea is either. For instance, if somebody says ~ she lost her job six months back and has been living totally out of ass to mouth for a while. What does this mean? Should we attribute this to her sucking on her boyfriend’s (or perhaps her boss’s) cock or maybe even her boss’s finger? How about the alternative: she’s just had a horrible day at work and is in need of some hot sex to lift her spirits, hence the need to go out and have some fun (both with her friends and with her new man).

Explore the boundaries of anal sex!

Ass to mouth is an easy way to explore the boundaries of anal sex. You can explore the possibilities of Angola, rear entry, G-spot orgasm, and so on. Because you’re exploring the boundaries, you can ensure that your partner sees new things that you may otherwise never have been able to see unless you’re face to face. Ass to mouth can also increase stamina and sexual awareness for both people involved. This is because there is an immediate insertion involved, which stimulates both vaginally and orally.

A word of caution: Ass to mouth is NOT a foreplay technique! It is not about rubbing your “stuff” all over your partner’s backside and making her think you’re having great sex. It’s about giving her pleasure first – and then enjoying the rest of the sex (and the effect that will have on her) afterwards. If you are giving her an orgasm first, she’ll feel entitled to more (and that will also make her orgasm! ).

There is an even easier way to have some great ass to mouth sex that I’ve found using porn. If you don’t have any porn on hand, you can always use adult movies. Adult movies are great because they have great sound quality and the special effects are mind blowing. Plus, you get the best kind of imagery – lots of it, and shot in a soft, sensuous light that really turns on the girls. Plus, with some porn movies, they use lots of bright colors and they go slow enough that you don’t feel like you’re just drifting through the sheets while the sex goes on for miles!

Ass to mouth is an excellent idea

Ass to mouth is an excellent idea for several reasons. First, it’s a great way to start off with the basics of fellatio, ass to mouth, and other oral stimulation techniques. Second, it lets you explore the ass in such a manner that when you do your partner say “oh yeah,” it makes her orgasm. And third, it’s a slang term primarily used in gay sexual contact that describes how great the ass feels when being stroked. It also describes how good a guy feels when he cums too.

The ass is a very important part of the male anatomy, but most men aren’t completely comfortable with their own. That’s why so many women enjoy giving them exactly what they want. Ass to mouth is also a great way to begin to learn more about yourself. And how to please your woman in ways she will find surprising and very pleasurable. As you continue to explore your sexual options; you’ll likely come across the opportunity to explore ass to mouth as well. Even if you never find the opportunity to put it to use, ass to mouth is a very sexy and powerful sexual suggestion. It should be given a try by anyone interested in sex and oral stimulation.